Monthly Payment Plan

Our payment plan is a convenient and flexible way to budget for your heating bills. There are NO CHARGES and the plan enables you to defer payment on 50% of the value of your fuel order. You are eligible to join the Payment Plan after full payment of your first fuel order.

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One of our friendly sales team will help you estimate your annual heating oil bill, currently, an average household's payment is £120 per month. Your payments will be made by Standing order - so there are no more cheques to write or post!

You can order heating oil from Solo Petroleum Ltd at any time as long as there are sufficient funds in your Solo account to cover at least half the value of the order. You can make a top up payment to bring your balance up to the required level. This enables you to defer payment on 50% of the value of your fuel order when you join the plan.

We will send you monthly statements allowing you to monitor your Solo account and obtain a refund at any time if your credit balance becomes too high.

We will review your monthly payment level regularly and let you know if an adjustment is required to match your heating oil usage. This ensures you are not suddenly faced with an unexpected large bill.

Address: Solo Petroleum Ltd, Nevison Garage, Ferrybridge Road, Pontefract,WF8 2PB

Telephone Number: 01977 703 992
All calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes


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